Kamagra Chewable 100 mg

KamagraKamagra Chewable 100 mg
Kamagra Chewable 100 mgThere are 4 different flavoured kamagra chewable tablets in one blister pack: - Strawberry- Orange- Banana- PineappleHow does Kamagra work?Kamagra expands the arteries i ...258
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Dosage: 100 mg
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There are 4 different flavoured kamagra chewable tablets in one blister pack:

- Strawberry
- Orange
- Banana
- Pineapple

How does Kamagra work?
Kamagra expands the arteries in the penis and thus allows filling of blood into the sinusoids (small spaces in the penis). It results in hardening of the penis, and the veins bringing in blood are then compressed restricting the flow of blood out of the penis. This entire procedure results into sustainable erection. Research has shown that four out of every five men taking Kamagra showed an improvement in their erectile function regardless of their age or the length of the period for which they were suffering from ED.

How to take Kamagra?
Take one tablet of Kamagra one hour prior to sexual encounter. This is because Kamagra works only when one is sexually stimulated. And this one hour is the necessary time for one to get aroused. It is advisable to take only one tablet of Kamagra in 24 hours. The medicine comes in strengths of 25 mg, 50mg and 100mg. It is advised to consult your doctor in case a certain dose of Kamagra is not sufficient for you to attain and maintain an erection.
Side effects of Kamagra.

Some possible side effects of Kamagra are:
- Headache
- Flushing (face and upper body turning red and warm)
- Upset stomach
- Running nose
- Vision changes (Things look blue)

Among all these symptoms caused by Kamagra, headache is the most common side effect with vision changes being the least common. Talk to your doctor, if you have any of these side effects or any other that bothers you.

Kamagra precautions
High fat meals should be avoided before taking Kamagra to get better response.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages can temporarily impair the ability to get and keep a sustained erection.

Do not take Kamagra with other medications that change sexual function

Tell your doctor, if you have heart disease, liver disease or kidney disease.

Do not consume Kamagra if you are taking any other nitrate drugs.

If you are not sure about the dosages of Kamagra, consult your health care professional to have a safe and better sex.

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